To publish beautiful, quality books and provide families with heirloom books that would make their ancestors proud.

OUR Founder & our story


MARRO PRESS was created by Robin Oloyede in 2016. With a background in communications and marketing, Robin began to desire opportunities to tell simple, yet memorable stories to her children…  a much needed mental break from the corporate world she experienced daily.

After learning that less than 25%  of mainstream educational products were targeted at young, minority Americans, Robin realized that what started as a family keepsake was quickly evolving into a series of books focused on entertaining and educational reading for all young minds.

The first book, E kaaro, Baba and Moren!, was created to remind her children of their Nigerian heritage.

“MARRO is an acronym for my husband, Matthew, our children, Ari and Rielle, and myself. We are each other’s marrow in our bones. My husband is a first generation Nigerian-American and I have an African-American family history. I realized that in the years to come our children, along with many other children in different cultures, may lose touch with the rich heritage that their ancestors knew. My first book, E kaaro, Baba and Moren! was written to serve as a reminder of all the love that came before my children. All MARRO PRESS books will be filled with enthusiasm that not only serves the heritage of my family, but the future of today’s young minds and the cultural history of their families. Some books may be filled with adventure, some with a cozy day inside. All MARRO PRESS books will be reminders of the culture our loved ones left behind. ”

– Robin Oloyede

MARRO PRESS encourages confidence in heritage, embracing differences  in others, and literacy intelligence in young minds across the world.